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Restore Your Natural Smile with Clear Braces — Find Out if Invisalign is Right For You

Straighter Teeth and a Healthier Smile with Invisalign

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If you don’t love your smile, it can be hard to feel like yourself.

In addition to hurting your self-confidence, when your teeth are crooked, gapped, or crowded, issues such TMJ pain and a misaligned bite can develop.

Fortunately, there’s a way to straighten your teeth without the look and hassle of traditional metal braces. Invisalign clear braces offered by Dr. Mark S. Riederer can help align your teeth while remaining virtually invisible in your mouth.

Best of all? Invisalign clear braces are comfortable, convenient, discreet, and work quickly to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Are Invisalign Clear Braces Right For You?

Invisalign offers a modern spin on traditional braces. Clear aligners are custom-fit to your mouth and work great in less time than traditional braces.

When you come into our Juneau dentist office, the Invisalign process is as follows:

  • Dr. Riederer will walk you through Invisalign therapy and its benefits, ensuring the treatment is right for your smile
  • Custom aligners will be molded from an impression and a set of photos of your mouth
  • Once treatment begins, over the next 6-24 months you’ll see a transformation in your smile

Maintenance with the aligners is virtually non-existent. And unlike traditional metal braces, you won’t need frequent visits to the dentist.

Before and After Invisalign Treatment



No Dental Insurance?
We’re Here to Help.

Get the compassionate, high-tech dental care you need with our affordable payment plan that:

  • Covers the cost of preventive care, including dental exams and cleanings
  • Allows you to receive fluoride treatments and x-rays
  • Provides great discounts on treatments for gum disease and tooth decay

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Mark S. Riederer for over 30 years. I would choose him again and again.”



Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover my Invisalign treatment?

Our office is happy to accept many types of dental insurance and will help you understand your benefit coverage. We also offer a flexible in-house payment plan. Contact us at (907) 789-3100 for more information.

How do I care for my Invisalign braces?

Care for Invisalign braces is simple.

  • Take them out while eating.
  • Soak in denture cleaner, retainer solution, or clear braces cleaner when not in your mouth.
  • Always rinse before placing back into your mouth.
  • When brushing and flossing your teeth, remove the aligners. Gently brush your aligners once finished, then rinse and place them back into your mouth.

Can Invisalign help me?

Invisalign treatment can help almost everyone. If you’re not happy with your smile and feel that you have gapped or crowded teeth or an overbite or underbite, Invisalign can help realign your teeth. If you have any questions or are wondering whether clear aligner therapy is right for your, Dr. Riederer will help you understand whether it is a good option.

I’m nervous about going to the dentist. Can you help?

Of course! We’re known for our friendly, gentle approach. By combining modern technology with comforting amenities like heated massage chairs, we’ll help you feel comfortable and confident.

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